The alphabet like you’ve never seen it before

Sometimes we marvel at how much amazing work is being done around the world. The following film is a great and inspiring example of thought and perfection put into a project. Now, this is how the alphabet was supposed to … Läs mer Continue reading

A winter with exciting projects in the bag!

During the second half of 2012, we had the privilege of working with many exciting projects. There was a mix of both small and large assignments, from print design to filmed interviews. We created a film, a website and printed … Läs mer Continue reading

We are now designing CleanMed Europe 2012.

Why do 600 people from all around the world make a pilgrimage to Malmö, September 26 to 28?  The answer is CleanMed Europe, an international conference with a focus on health care’s environmental impact.  With over 600 participants from Europe … Läs mer Continue reading

Take the pulse of the customers

Do you have any idea about how satisfied your customers are? One way to know is to send out a customer questionnaire. Expert Systems sought the help of Suscito. Expert Systems is extremely concerned about how to satisfy customers. Therefore … Läs mer Continue reading

Will Volkswagen leave the dark side?

Have you ever heard of spoofing?  It is an effective method to make an organization’s marketing efforts more powerful by striking back. The strategy is implemented with the help of social media by creating such a strong image of a … Läs mer Continue reading

Transfer of knowledge in the Baltic Sea region

How will the use of district heating in the countries around the Baltic Sea be developed and become more energy efficient?  The goal of the EU-financed environmental project Innovations in District Heating, InnoHeat, is to work towards an increased transfer … Läs mer Continue reading

Everything is going well for August this year.

The year is 1897 and August Strindberg is in his room on Grönegatan 8 in Lund and writing the partially autobiographical novel “Inferno”.  Just over a century later, Suscito maintains its offices in the building across the street and is … Läs mer Continue reading

Half-year report with a sense for the Nordic countries

The assignment was to design a half-year report. The result was a beautifully illustrated publication with a minimalistic lay-out, inspired by the northern lights. Cleantech Scandinavia is working to bring together investors with both established companies and start-ups in environmental … Läs mer Continue reading

My fire is the largest in Sweden!

In 1897 August Strindberg wrote ‘Inferno’ in the house across the street from Suscito on Grönegatan 8. Even though Strindberg was a visionary of sorts, never in a million years could he have imagined that his works would still be … Läs mer Continue reading

Who inspires you?

We are all inspired, influenced and affected by encounters of different kinds. But certain people are more inspiring, possibly because of their way of life, their views, values, or due to their self-confidence. The film Influencers is a trendy and … Läs mer Continue reading