Nordic Deal Flow Report 2012

Nordic Cleantech Deal Flow is a shining example of how a statistic-heavy report can be made easily understandable while presenting a broader message than what is shown in the content of the text.  The report presents a summary of statistics … Läs mer Continue reading

Nordic Cleantech Dealflow

Swedish Berries is a Swedish designer duo who offer silver jewelry inspired by the Swedish nature. Suscito has created their graphic profile, built an online store to execute transactions and photographed their jewelry collection

Swedish Berries

Expert Systems in Stockholm has worked at length with systems that handle electronic invoices. A redesign of their system, the Invoice Portal, was launched in 2012. The goal of the project was to increase availability and improve the user experience … Läs mer Continue reading

Swedens first invoice portal

Grafiskt material för Vård- och omsorgscollege Skåne

Suscito received the assignment from the Skåne Local Government Association to create a film, website and printed informational material for the Healthcare College and the project MÖTAS. The Healthcare College is collaboration between workers, schools and faculty within the private … Läs mer Continue reading

VO-College Scania and the ESF-project MÖTAS

“The Year of Strindberg 2012 is about better understanding the present. We will examine, experience and discuss Strindberg’s work. We will let his works illuminate the world around us, who we are and what our own lives behold. No matter … Läs mer Continue reading

August Strindberg 100 years

Cleantech Scandinavia is working to bring together investors with both established companies and start-ups in the environmental technology sector. Cleantech Scandinavia is the leading player in the Nordic region. The organization organizes an annual series of cleantech events and regularly … Läs mer Continue reading

Nordic Capital Dealflow Report

For 3 days in September, the world’s leading conference on sustainable health care is held in Malmö.  The main host of the event is Health Care Without Harm Europe in cooperation with Region Skåne, The TEM Foundation and Sustainable Business … Läs mer Continue reading

The worlds largest conference for sustainable healthcare

The goal of the Nordic Cleantech Open is to promote opportunities for innovative start-up clean-tech companies in the Nordic countries to develop their business ideas and take the necessary steps to become successful, established companies. Each year the jury for … Läs mer Continue reading

Nordic Cleantech Open