Half-year report with a sense for the Nordic countries

The assignment was to design a half-year report. The result was a beautifully illustrated publication with a minimalistic lay-out, inspired by the northern lights.

Cleantech Scandinavia is working to bring together investors with both established companies and start-ups in environmental technology. Suscito designed their half-year report, “Nordic Deal Flow”, which features detailed statistics and key figures for capital investment in Nordic development companies.

“Nordic Deal Flow” is inspired by the northern lights. It includes clear diagrams and uses clean text creating a clear overview. The basic idea is to convey a sense for the Nordic countries, providing a breath of fresh air and looking forward; however, the goal was to make it easy to understand while integrating a stylish presentation.

Cleantech Scandinavia rapport trycksak layoutCleantech Scandinavia rapport trycksak layout uppslag