Take the pulse of the customers

Do you have any idea about how satisfied your customers are? One way to know is to send out a customer questionnaire. Expert Systems sought the help of Suscito.

Expert Systems is extremely concerned about how to satisfy customers. Therefore Suscito was chosen to develop a technical solution for their yearly questionnaire which is sent out to several thousand customers. The goal was to understand how customers utilized Expert Systems’s services, as well as to get an idea of what could be improved. The questionnaire was comprised of an extensive survey with over 30 questions. We created an advanced interactive answer formula where the questions successively adapted to the response given. The formula was integrated with Expert Systems’s business system Exder and the result was previously presented in an excel file. The goal was to receive as many completed questionnaires as possible. The result was successful with a high response rate and a lot of input from the customers. .Kundundersökning kundenkät för företag

Expert Systems is a leading supplier and developer of web-based systems for electronic businesses. They offer complete solutions from electronic invoicing to product management and full integration with the business system Exder. This year marks 20 years since the company was founded, and customers include both small businesses and large corporations. Axfood, Carlsberg, Coop, ICA and an entire list of government authorities use Expert Systems’s services today.