Transfer of knowledge in the Baltic Sea region

How will the use of district heating in the countries around the Baltic Sea be developed and become more energy efficient?  The goal of the EU-financed environmental project Innovations in District Heating, InnoHeat, is to work towards an increased transfer of knowledge between the actors in the region in order to enhance environmentally sustainable heating solutions over a three year period.

Chambers of commerce, businesses and government authorities from Lithuania, Poland, Sweden and Germany are participating in the InnoHeat project. The goal is for these countries to reach the EU’s environmental objectives and to strengthen economic growth within the region.  Participants in the project include the European Spallation Source (ESS), Region Skåne, IIIEE, Sustainable Business Hub, the Swedish District Heating Association (Svensk Fjärrvärme), the Swedish Institute (Svenska Institutet) and various organizations in the other participating countries.

Innoheat intranet av Suscito

Suscito was commissioned by the Sustainable Business Hub in Malmö and has developed InnoHeat’s graphic identity, website and intranet. The emphasis has been to develop the intranet as a focal point for all project members.  User-friendliness has been the goal, so that the intranet is easy to get accustomed to without having any significant previous computer experience.  Through the intranet, project members can discuss their concerns, keep in touch with each other, share documents and keep track of review meetings in the project calendar.

In other words, InnoHeat is a thermal durability project which has become interesting to follow.