SEO and the art of inviting the right guests

By Kristofer Kebbon, guest columnist
On a Valborg’s Eve many years ago when I was younger and less experienced, I decided that I would organize a party.
I invited guests from far and wide – friends, acquaintances, and friends of friends.

And thus a party was born. Half the town came to my apartment. But it was not especially enjoyable. I had never seen half of the guests before, and some I never had any exchange with either; however, I had plenty of complaints from neighbors in the building.

A year later, I was ready to try again, but this time I chose a different tactic. I invited just a handful of carefully selected guests. I invited people whom I knew that I liked, people whom I knew I could have a dialogue with. Looking back it was the most enjoyable party in memory.
It is similar to how I see search engine optimization, SEO.

It is not only about getting as many visitors as possible to a website but rather who visits the site.
If I sold scissors for lefties, I would rather have ten lefty visitors come to my site than ten thousand righties. Such is quality over quantity.

How to best go about attracting the right visitors on the Web is about understanding an entire science, although an essential factor for success is to have a solid understanding of customer behavior. Who are they? Where are they? What are they looking for in the search engines? If they are searching for “scissors for lefties” it is more important to look at the top 10 results for that search term on Google than just “scissors” for example.

If one knows who their customers are, it is easier to build a site that meets their expectations, once the customers have come to say hello. Just as in the same way there is a better chance that the party is a success when you know your guests. If you know your guests, you do not make mistakes such as serving Wiener schnitzel to vegetarians, or gin & tonics to guests who abstain from drinking alcohol.

So remember this the next time you optimize your site, or for that matter, are organizing a Valborg celebration. It is the guest who makes the party.