Take the pulse of the customers

Do you have any idea about how satisfied your customers are? One way to know is to send out a customer questionnaire. Expert Systems sought the help of Suscito. Expert Systems is extremely concerned about how to satisfy customers. Therefore … Läs mer Continue reading

Will Volkswagen leave the dark side?

Have you ever heard of spoofing?  It is an effective method to make an organization’s marketing efforts more powerful by striking back. The strategy is implemented with the help of social media by creating such a strong image of a … Läs mer Continue reading

SEO and the art of inviting the right guests

By Kristofer Kebbon, guest columnist On a Valborg’s Eve many years ago when I was younger and less experienced, I decided that I would organize a party. I invited guests from far and wide – friends, acquaintances, and friends of … Läs mer Continue reading