Swedens first invoice portal

Expert Systems in Stockholm has worked at length with systems that handle electronic invoices. A redesign of their system, the Invoice Portal, was launched in 2012. The goal of the project was to increase availability and improve the user experience … Läs mer Continue reading

Take the pulse of the customers

Do you have any idea about how satisfied your customers are? One way to know is to send out a customer questionnaire. Expert Systems sought the help of Suscito. Expert Systems is extremely concerned about how to satisfy customers. Therefore … Läs mer Continue reading

Transfer of knowledge in the Baltic Sea region

How will the use of district heating in the countries around the Baltic Sea be developed and become more energy efficient?  The goal of the EU-financed environmental project Innovations in District Heating, InnoHeat, is to work towards an increased transfer … Läs mer Continue reading

Everything is going well for August this year.

The year is 1897 and August Strindberg is in his room on Grönegatan 8 in Lund and writing the partially autobiographical novel “Inferno”.  Just over a century later, Suscito maintains its offices in the building across the street and is … Läs mer Continue reading

August Strindberg 100 years

“The Year of Strindberg 2012 is about better understanding the present. We will examine, experience and discuss Strindberg’s work. We will let his works illuminate the world around us, who we are and what our own lives behold. No matter … Läs mer Continue reading

Stiftsgården Åkersberg

Stiftsgården Åkersberg is an 18th century hotel and conference center located in Skåne. Stiftsgården Åkersberg’s main marketing channel is their new website with effective search engine optimization that has significantly increased the number of site visitors. Åkersberg also uses Suscito’s … Läs mer Continue reading